The Heart Of Precious Moments

The Precious Moments Chapel sits atop a stone terrace overlooking Center Creek to the south and Chapel Plaza to the north. With sculpted bronze panels, intricately carved wooden doors, and hand-assembled stained glass windows, the structure is a breathtaking sight to behold.

A Work Of Art, A Labor Of Love

Standing nearly 7 feet high and weighing approximately 350 pounds, the beautiful narra wood front door features three angels with heads bowed in reverie surrounded by an intricate design of vines and entwined Christian fish. A message from Habakkuk 2:20 carved in the door reminds us: “But the Lord is in His Holy Temple. Let all the Earth be silent before Him.”

From Paper Napkins To Carved Bronze

The front façade of the Chapel is adorned with two 9-foot tall bronze plates each weighing a staggering 850 pounds. Carved from beeswax, grease, and clay, the designs for the bronze plates were originally drawn by Mr. Butcher on paper napkins! The Law of God and Old Testament are pictured on the east wall, with the New Testament and work of Calvary represented on the west wall.

“Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving,

And Into His Courts with praise” - Psalm 100:4

Once inside the vestibule, a set of double doors lead to the Chapel Sanctuary. The exterior doors feature angels with hands clasped in prayer and upturned in praise. For more than one year, Mr. Butcher worked with skilled artisans in the Philippines to design, score, and carve the massive works of art through which millions of visitors have passed through.

Renew Faith, Remember Love, Praise God

From the story of Creation to the promise of the Resurrection, the Chapel tour guides visitors through many stories of God's love and Mr. Butcher's artistic and spiritual journey. Along with a striking ceiling, painted by Mr. Butcher nearly entirely while laying down, visitors revel in the wonder of Mr. Butcher's depiction of the Old Testament stories on the east wall and the New Testament on the west.

Bring the intricate detail of Hallelujah Square home with this stunning replica plaque.

A Tribute To Heaven

After passing through the intricately-carved wooden entry doors, visitors enter the Chapel Sanctuary. The stunning 26-foot floor-to-ceiling hand-painted masterpiece, Hallelujah Square, reflects Mr. Butcher’s deep belief that within each of us is the hope of Jesus Christ. In Hallelujah Square, Mr. Butcher depicts Heaven through the eyes of a child, and pays memoriam to more than 25 children and adults who have touched his heart.

The Beauty Of Stained Glass

Positioned on each of the four entry doors to the Chapel Sanctuary, stained glass angels representing the various nationalities signify protection from the four corners of the Earth.

Fifteen stained glass windows and murals in the east and west hallways depict the Bible's Old Testament stories and the New Testament lessons. With the assistance of Mr. Butcher's sister-in-law, Annie, the fragile works of art were cut and assembled to fit the designs.

Shipped by truck by Annie and her husband, Jack, from Annie's studio in Redding, California, she claimed two miracles occurred during the trip.

First, after nearly 2,000 miles and 4 1/2 days, not a single piece arrived broken! Second, the couple was still married! Two years after sketching the designs, the magnificent windows were installed.

Tributes To Those Taken Too Early

The west hallway is home to a window, a tribute to Mr. Butcher's loving mother. Evelyn, known to most as “the peacemaker” is depicted in the 2015 9" figurine of the same name and is featured prominently in Hallelujah Square.

In the early 1990s, Tim Ryan was a young newlywed with an unwavering faith in the Lord. Shortly following Tim's death in 1994, Mr. Butcher transformed the back room of the Chapel into the Tim Ryan Memorial Room to share Tim's story, along with many others whose lives were cut tragically short.

Use the quiet respite of the Tim Ryan Memorial Room, along with the Books of Remembrance, to help bring a sense of peace and acceptance for a loss of a loved one.

Philip’s Room

A father's tribute to a son taken before his time, Philip's Room is a personal memorial created to help Mr. Butcher heal following his son's tragic death in 1991. The room features a mural of Philip's life, including things that defined his personality, and it continues to be a healing place for all those struck by loss.

Timmy’s Tower

Mr. Butcher's second son to leave this Earth before his time, Tim Butcher, like his father, embraced an artist's life. An accomplished musician, artist, and writer, from a young age Tim showed promise for a bright future in the arts and entertainment and was the inspiration for the Chapel Mascot, Timmy The Angel. In 2015, Timmy's Tower, a 668-square foot bell tower to the east of the Chapel was dedicated during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Stroll along the Avenue of Angels, relax in the gardens, and find peace in nature. 

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