We’ve been celebrating the attribute of kindness all year long, as an attribute that describes the Precious Moments Chapel.  Next, we want to celebrate LOVE.  There are so many kinds of love we can celebrate, from the love we have for our family & friends, to the love we have to share with the Precious Moments Chapel family, to the love we have for YOU, those who support our mission of Loving, Caring, and Sharing! 

35 Ways To Share The Gift Of Love

There’s so many ways to spread Mr. Butcher’s message of Loving, Caring, and Sharing, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 35!  Share the gift of love through a donation to the Chapel today!

35 Reasons To Attend The
Family Reunion Event

We’re celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Precious Moments Chapel & Gardens and who better to celebrate with than YOU?!  Click here for more information about upcoming events.

We’ve heard so many beautiful attributes to describe the Precious Moments Chapel. This year, we want to celebrate a few of those attributes with you! Enjoy our new blog posts sharing these beautiful tenets of faith.

From a smile to a kind word, the impact of a simple compliment is truly remarkable! Read our blog for 35 small gestures that create ripples of positivity! 

35 Random Acts of Kindness

When we celebrate kindness and pay it forward, we all benefit! Imagine a world where you succeed by being nice. It’s easy to do with our blog of 35 Random Acts of Kindness.

Just in time for Spring, we compiled 35 of the best Spring cleaning tips to increase our productivity and lighten our load! When we clean and organize our environments, we also de-clutter our minds and ease our burdens. 

35 Ways To Be Creative

When was the last time you enjoyed time with a coloring book or picked up a musical instrument?  There are so many benefits to being creative!  Read some ideas to spark your imagination and creativity in our new blog!

Looking for more Motivation?

Click here for Monday Motivation with Joette!


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